Is your Business Reputation Costing you Money?

Is your Business Reputation Costing you Money?

Reviews- Why Your Business Reputation Matters. Managing Customer Reviews Is Critical To Your Business’s Success

Gone are those days when you buy anything from a known seller. You used to rely upon what he said and purchased whatever you needed. Yes, this practice is still prevailing but before you visit any shop for buying anything you try it out online for getting a better deal. Even if you do not plan to buy it online you go through the reviews about different products so that you know which product will be better for your need.

Suppose, you need dog food, Hence, you can go to the nearest shopkeeper and ask him to give a packet of dog food. Or the other thing that you can do is search online and you will get a number of products. You will read reviews about those products and decide what type of dog food will be better for your Pooh!

The simple example explains the change in scenario while consumers buy any products. Based on this it can be said that why is it important to have online reputation for your business. However before understanding its importance, let’s find out how consumers use these reviews to take decision.

How consumers use online reviews?

Before making any purchase consumers do a bit of research. Earlier it used to be from friends and colleagues and now it’s from the online reviews that are available at different sites. There are many instances that these reviews are considered as a suggestion from the best friend!

So, first let’s understand the purchasing cycle. When a consumer starts looking for information about some product it means that they have already made up their mind regarding their requirement or need. What they are doing now is collecting information about the product from the online reviews. It is true that the gap between reading a review and taking the final decision to buy or not to buy a product is very small. It depends a lot upon the review.

It is found that more than 80% people take their decision based upon the reviews that they read online. Thus, if you can create a positive impact on your consumer about the product or service you can consider a sale done. The same thing can happen in opposite way. That is if they do not get good reviews about the product they may decide to buy something else that has better reviews. So, the bottom line of all this discussion is clear that if you do not have good reputation online you cannot grow your sales. Consumers use the online reviews to directly take their decision whether they should buy any particular product or not. Thus, this consideration is most important in Small and Medium Sized Business Marketing.

Why it’s important to ensure positive reputation online?

Whoever provides digital marketing services to you they cannot ignore the importance of online reputation. Having a positive web presence will not only help in increasing the credibility of your business as a reliable business but it will provide you company a positive edge over other businesses too! While marketing your products your aim should be to position yourself as the best choice that they have and this can be done better with positive reviews.

Apart from this the online reputation also acts as your salesman who is on duty 24/7. It helps in promoting about your product to those who have already shown interest in your product but are waiting to confirm that it is the best product that they can get. It helps in reaching your customer’s mind where they take the final decision whether to go for your product or look for something better! Actually the online reviews are the best source through which you can communicate with your customers that your product is the best product that they can have.

Moreover, it is found that while doing local SEO, online reviews are great source.  SEO consultants suggest that with proper reviews you can have good reputation of your business that will help in Digital marketing services in Scottsdale.

How to manage your online reputation?

The challenge that is faced by most digital marketing company is how they can manage your online reputation? If you are getting good reviews it is fine, if you are getting some bad reviews along with the good one how to handle them? Monitoring the reviews will not always help hence here are some simple strategies to overcome them and turn them to your business advantage.

Depend only on those sites that posts verified reviews

It is human nature that they tend to believe in the negatives quickly. You will find that when you are going to read some review if you find negative about the product you will start looking for all other comments that are negative. You will totally forget about the positive comments that you have read. The negative comments will cloud your judgment and you will not able to judge the product neutrally. So, if the site allows anybody to post anything without verification, there may be post that are negative and that too without any strong base. It can also be done by your competitor and they can strip your image and its easy as they can do so being an anonymous character.

The solution to this is that you must rely on only those sites that posts verified reviews. Even consumers are also smart enough now to understand false reviews but a verified site will be helpful and will protect your business from getting false reviews.

Do not ignore negative reviews, be responsive to them

You cannot stop negative reviews and when you get one does not jump in and respond to them defensively! It will be more harmful than the original review posted by any user. It will damage your reputation and not responding to any negative review will always add-on the negative feel.

Thus, respond to them, but before you respond take your time. Read why it’s negative and find out the truth. Be professional while you reply. You should be diplomatic while replying and never ever blame the customer. You can explain the situation that leads to the complaint or if you think it right, be apologetic you will be liked by other users.

Use reviews for your improvement

You may have the best product in your industry, but there is no end to being good. By following these rating and reviews you will be able to improve your products, your service and your relationship with your customers. The critical reviews are actually your scope for analyzing your shortcomings and work on them so that they are overcome.

Analyzing the comments on a particular topic by several customers will help you make positive changes in your operation. It will help you regain their faith and get more business.

Your Digital marketing agencies will make it clear to you that why you are working on your reviews. By making your online reputation you can change the mind of your customer and ensure that they take decision in your favor. Sometimes if you have good online reputation even a negative review can also be ignored, provided you work on the negative review fast.

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Is your Business Reputation Costing you Money?
Analyzing the comments on a particular topic by several customers will help you make positive changes in your operation. It will help you regain their faith and get more business.


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