Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Why it is Critical you Ensure it is..

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Why it is Critical you Ensure it is..

Where Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Here Is Why It Needs to Be.

Where are you reading this article? On your mobile or your laptop? Chances are high that you are reading this on your mobile.

Yes, mobiles are here to stay and to be a successful businessman you cannot avoid it. Your website needs to be mobile optimize and the first thing that you need to check is whether your website is mobile optimized!

Thus the first thing that you need to consider is whether your website is mobile friendly. For this you can ask your SEO partners to check out and provide you a report. The digital marketing company will also be able to help you in this manner as they will be able to help you better if you have a mobile optimized site.

In case you do not have one and is still questioning that why should you have a mobile optimized site, here are the reasons that will let you know why it’s important!

The World is on Mobile, Now!

Yes, now you cannot consider a smartphone user exceptional. You will find that everybody irrespective of their age or sex is using smartphone. It is found that about 102 billion people are accessing the web through their mobile devices. Most of the people who uses internet use it on their mobile and even if they access it from their desktop or laptop they do own a smartphone to access their mails while they are on move!

And the fact that you can see around today is going to change in near future when almost the world will be in mobile. So, think and prepare for that period when everybody will be suing mobile. Having a SEO site will not be enough if it is not mobile optimized!

Mobile users behave differently.

You must be thinking that its same people who are using internet through their desktops and mobile devices, but the pattern of their behavior while using these two devices are totally different.

It’s true that the bandwidth of mobile users is less compared to the desktop users but yet they get connected with what they need from their mobile only. They know that it’s fast and easy to get connected. They use the social media platform from their mobile only. Nobody will wait to return back to home and they upload photos and videos to Instagram, instead they do it from their website.

The bottom line is that in order to capture the traffic who are behind the mobiles the website should have optimized design.

Mobile users spend more

It is found that mostly mobile users purchase more although the amount spend per item is less compared to the tablet users. But they have a tendency to buy things that they get while suing their mobile.

Yes, dollar spend per transaction may be low but the total amount that they spend every month is quite high. When you are planning to sell such products that are not highly priced you must target the mobile phone users. If your mobile UX is not good enough you can forget about increasing your sales.

Mobile users switch screens.

Another trend that is notice among the mobile users is that they tend to switch among the screens. That is suppose Sally found something interesting while she was checking out the Amazon shop page. She decides to buy it but before she does that she will use her laptop or desktop for checking out the details about the product. She may visit Yelp to read reviews and then finally take the decision.

So, it is necessary that your site is optimized enough to handle different screens that the whole process of sales will go through. If it can’t then do not expect the sales figure to rise every month!

Google favors mobile responsiveness

While you are doing business online you cannot ignore the terms like search engine optimization and SEO Scottsdale. You will need good ranking at the SERP pages so that your prospects can know about your business.

Now, Google too prefers mobile friendliness while it provides the SERP rankings. In order to get organic traffic it is very important that you are able to attract the mobile users to use your site and read them. If your site is not mobile responsive you cannot expect to good rankings even at the SERPs.

Google has even taken steps so that it can create the awareness among the website developers while they do website development. It has been made very clear that the website should be mobile optimized so that users can sue it anytime anywhere easily.

So, in order to increase the organic traffic to your site it is utmost necessary that you get your website ready for mobiles.

Social media is popular for mobiles

Most of the mobile users who are using internet on it are doing social activities. Either they are posting on Facebook and Instagram or following some comments on twitter. Social media has evolved in this way because the mobiles phones have let them grow at this pace. Anybody can connect with anyone easily with the device that they carry along with them and hold in their hands.

Conclusive notes

Thus, for any online business that is strategizing to have social media marketing must not forget about mobile optimization of their site. Having good and relevant content will not be enough to sell their product through social media. It’s a mobile optimized site that will help.

If your site is unresponsive then your advertising cost and efforts for promoting your product will go in vain. In order to grab the advantages of your digital marketing efforts it is necessary that you optimize your website and get full advantage from the social audiences.

Thus, by optimizing your site you can actually take a competitive advantage over your competitors. And while you get your website designed for the mobile phones you must remember that they should be made so that they can be handled easily with touch. It will not be precision friendly mouse that will help them complete their action. They will be doing it with their fingers, so ensure that the design is made in such way.

Once you have understood the importance of having a site that is mobile optimized you should surely work with your digital marketing agency who are providing you digital marketing services about the theme of your website that will look good and attractive both on the desktop as well as the mobile. The fonts that will be used should not be small as the screen of mobile is smaller compared to the laptop desktop.

Your agencies will be there to guide you through, but one simple thing that you should remember in all these is that in order to get to the people while they are getting bored is through their mobile. So, do not miss this opportunity and optimize your website to be a mobile friendly website.

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Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Why it is Critical you Ensure it is..
In case you do not have one and is still questioning that why should you have a mobile optimized site, here are the reasons that will let you know why it’s important!


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