What Is A Local Business Listing?

If you’ve searched for a business on Google Maps, then you’ve likely seen descriptions of those businesses when you found them. Those are local business listings, and they often include business hours, address, and full contact information. Without them, many businesses simply could not be found online by people searching for them. But Google isn’t the only place online where local business listings can be found.

Claiming Local Business Listings

There are a ton of business directories online. Not all of them are all they’re cracked up to be. You’ll probably want to stick to the most popular ones—the well-trafficked and most valuable directories for citation purposes.

In general, if you stick with the top 10 directories listed on that list, then you’ll be off to a good start. The most important thing is to claim your listings and to ensure they provide searchers with accurate information about your business.

Clix2Brix Digital Marketing out of Scottsdale, AZ will do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! We claim, update, and fix your business listings not just across 10, but 300 directories that control local search.


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Date October 11, 2016
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