The Power of Mobile Apps, and the Cost of Ignoring Them!

The Power of Mobile Apps, and the Cost of Ignoring Them!

The Power of Mobile Apps for Helping a SMB Grow

The days of entering a room to be welcomed by lively conversation are long gone. When you enter a room, you notice all the heads bowed and eyes fixed on the screen of whatever device holds their attention. The eyes are all focused on one thing: Mobile Apps.

However, even the devices that hold their attention so steadfastly have undergone rapid transformation.  Smartphone users who have constantly relied on the web to find answers for their entertainment, business and media questions are now looking elsewhere.

Their new focus in a world hinged on digital marketing services and Google analytics is the personalized experience that mobile apps provide them. Small and medium sized businesses have long realized the importance of social media and the internet. The golden rule is simply to take the business to where its customers are.

This is why a lot of small and medium sized business marketing strategies have been focused on website development, mobile optimization, relevant content and SEO/SEM. The rules of the game have however changed very quickly and while an optimized mobile website continues to be relevant, more emphasis and traffic continues to shift to mobile apps.

Customers are turning to apps and wise small and medium sized businesses are taking notes. They are turning to apps for grocery shopping with apps that can synchronize shopping lists, update needs and set reminders being a popular sell in app stores. They are giving their moving experience a boost by downloading apps by moving companies that allow them to schedule on site quotes and get quality customer service. Fitness companies are not left out with personalized offers and relevant content suited to each client available upon download of an app.

With forecasting a leap in the number of mobile app users to over 90% of the population as far back as 2016, there is no doubt that the mobile app revolution is here to stay. The question is how small and medium sized businesses and the digital marketing companies who provide digital marketing services to them can take  advantage of this global shift to reposition  for more success.

We take an in-depth look at why small and medium sized business marketing budgets should commit to mobile apps development and what they stand to gain from it.

There is a shift coming

In a world that is constantly driven by technology, the most dangerous thing that can happen to a business is to be left behind. Once you miss out on a fundamental shift, it becomes a race that is simply too exhausting to run.

Customers were for a very long time accessing solutions through desktop computers. That wave left and more and more people began to depend on their smartphones. With this growing dependence, it was very essential that there were sites that they could access on the go from the comfort of their smartphones.

Now they have turned to mobile apps for the perfect, consumer oriented experience. Any smart business who is aware of the importance of this shift will do all it can to leverage on it.


The bottom line for any small or medium sized business is profit. Anything that would increase the sales margin would be gladly embraced. A mobile app that is a one stop destination for enquiries, payments and purchases would undoubtedly boost sales.

It provides an exclusive opportunity for customers to get new deals first and share amazing bargains with friends taking advantage of social media features embedded in the mobile app.

Customer experience

Who doesn’t love a first class experience, the personal touch and feeling of individuality? A mobile app provides all these and makes it so appealing to the customer.

With digital marketing companies that are dedicated to their client’s cause an app that emphasizes quality user experience will help to boost customer retention. Once your customer finds your app easy to use, he will stick with it and return to access your service repeatedly using that medium.

You are already using apps 

Most business owners who do not pay so much attention to mobile apps forget how invaluable they are to running the business. From business management apps to presentation tools, such a person is constantly relying of apps to move the business forward.

Dropbox aids team networking and allows resources to be shared across a large team in different locations. PayPal presents a payment solution that facilitates payments irrespective of geographical or financial boundaries.

Get a piece of the cake

In a market that is heavily dominated by very big players it is easy to think that you would get lost in the glare of giants like Uber or Whatsapp. We help you tailor solutions that can help you carve your niche in the next few paragraphs.

Once you can create an app that offers better customer service, more deals  and amazing bonuses, you are on your way to providing a mobile app solution that works for your customers.

We go the extra mile and offer you unique ways your small and medium sized business can use a mobile app to its advantage.

Location based marketing

The spray gun approach does not work anymore. Spending money on ads that are randomly distributed in the hope that it would translate into a return is outdated. If you want to make an impact you have to be deliberate and that is what a mobile app offers.

Apps can incorporate geo targeting technology which allows you to send promos and offers of new stock to customers who are close by. A company that offers digital marketing services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, New York for instance can help you channel your marketing efforts to its target areas.


PayPal and Square have helped to make sure that quick payment solutions are not limited to the big players anymore. You can take advantage of this by incorporating such payment platforms into your mobile app for seamless financial transactions.

This way, you can satisfy customers who just want to buy on the go without having to worry about complex financial transactions. Ultimately, this would lead to an increase in revenue, which is very important.

Manage customer base

If you are an expanding small and medium sized business, keeping track of your growing clientele can be a problem. Staff begin to get stretched and processes become overburdened.

You can take charge of the situation that allows your customers to easily make appointments or orders. It would also help them sign up for packages easily, make enquires and check prices.

This would not only help to manage the growth of the business but also enable it to build a loyal customer base. Customers begin to spend more time on the app as they crave the personal experience it provides.

Reinvent customer service

A mobile app means more opportunities for tailored customer service solutions. Requests can be monitored effectively and handled in record time.

Nothing is as important as reputation for small and medium sized business. An app that helps to keep customers informed and satisfied is invaluable.

The projections are in and they show that there can be no going back. The growth of apps is projected to cross the 180 billion dollar mark in the last quarter. No small and medium sized business can claim ignorance as its excuse anymore and the only way now is forward.

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The Power of Mobile Apps, Stop Ignoring Them!
Most business owners who do not pay so much attention to mobile apps forget how invaluable they are to running the business. From business management apps to presentation tools, such a person is constantly relying of apps to move the business forward.


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